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Lifestyle inflation and what to do about it

Lifestyle inflation is that phenomenon of any additional income being absorbed, without you even realising. Maybe you’ve been working hard, climbing that corporate ladder. Or perhaps you’ve just received a massive tax return, or your side hustle is starting to take off. Your income is healthier than ever, yet it’s not as though you’re saving, […]
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How much does it cost to purchase a property

As if keeping track of the property market wasn’t a full-time job in itself! When you buy a property, it’s more than just the advertised price you’ll need to factor into your plans. Home loan application fees There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and many lenders charge you a fee for the privilege […]
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How to talk to your children about money

Who remembers receiving $20 in a birthday card from a relative? Or maybe it was $5 or $10, depending on how far back we’re talking. And whether you’d already spent it in the time it takes to receive an extra-long hug from THAT Aunty, or you’d deposited it straight into your savings account with THAT […]
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The great intergenerational wealth transfer

There’s been talk in recent years about the fact Australia will soon face the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history. What exactly is an intergenerational wealth transfer? Well, it’s a euphemism for the inheritance you stand to receive when your parents leave this mortal coil. Specifically, it’s the $3.5 trillion that the X & Y […]
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